Is it worth to play fifa mobile 2020 version?

In the field of football game, fifa mobile is a loud signboard. Its predecessor is called fifa soccer. Thanks to the database that the game has accumulated since more than a few years ago, some real football coaches and players will refer to its values. However, compared with the changing database, the other content of the game often does not change significantly. So, what has fifa mobile 2020 version changed more than before? Does the experience really become better and more perfect? It is true that there must be some minor repairs and supplements for minor details, but many core problems of the game have not been solved.

As mentioned above, as a football game, the core content of fifa mobile 2020 version is player database. These databases, which record a large number of real players’ values, are obtained through the accumulation of many generations of “fifa game” and a large number of scouts in real life, which makes the game experience of players closer to the real world. Every player’s technical details change in the new year is reflected in the game with the times.

In addition to the consistent playing method of simulation management football game, the player needs to play a manager to manage the whole team’s affairs in detail. In addition, fifa mobile 2020 also has the color of some text adventure games, so that the player can experience the humorous words and wonderful experience. For example, we are very excited at the beginning of our term of office. In the face of reporters, we can answer some interesting questions: “I smile smugly, and I smile smugly.”. Sometimes we can attack the coach of the enemy through the media, provoke the psychological war of public opinion, or a famous coach comes to the scene of the game to release a bit of rumors about buying a player of our team through the media.

Although fifa mobile 2020 does not introduce any new content at the technical level, but some small innovations in design alone are enough to bring no small changes to the game. For example, the existing U21 and U19 echelon projects have been integrated into the “development center”, in which we can observe the core data of the second team and U19 team members. In addition, players can now grasp at a glance the approximate potential of youth players. Because scouts will also compare these young people directly with the main players in the team. For example, Fati in Barcelona youth training, the evaluation given by the Scouts is that he has the same level as Suarez. At the same time of refining the youth training part, the game also refines the functions of the team management. Like the new technical director, he can help us coordinate the team’s intelligence and information. Moreover, as a manager, the club has also added many details, such as the five-year Championship indicators, the specific proportion of youth training and stars. However, these terms are almost non-negotiable if you don’t use fifa mobile hack to get more coins. For example, when I signed the contract with Barca president, the contract clearly marked the target of entering the Champions League final for five consecutive years. Once I didn’t make it to the finals for two years in a row, the position would be in jeopardy. If the assessment is carried out according to this standard in reality, Baldwin should finish playing in last year’s Champions League semi-final and leave school.

In contrast, the picture optimization of fifa mobile 2020 version is not as obvious as the above mentioned changes. The vast majority of players and managers do not have a special model, and the turf and the quality of the audience are still very bad. Although the paper texture of the faces and clothes of each character is not so heavy, because the camera lens will be pulled far during the game, this slight improvement will not let the players get a good visual effect.

Of course, some of the shortcomings of the fifa game that have lasted for generations can still be found in this work. This mainly shows that the game system still has problems in the tactical judgment we have designed: our players only like to shoot from the bottom. This situation, no matter how I set it up in the tactical panel, can’t solve the problem. In addition, the scoring success rate of single shot and penalty in the game is extremely low. In a game, our players only score one of three penalties, I would like to thank God. The words used in the commentary are also very careless. The phenomenon of using lines is obvious, sometimes some key moments are missed. For example, Messi made a series of gorgeous dribbling, after passing several defenders of the other side, the shot in the bottom line missed. At this time, the commentator will say: “Messi is really like Messi, shooting Heskey.”. Sometimes our players make some very low-level mistakes, which leads to the goal of the other side easily. At this moment, the commentary has no expression at all.

All in all, from the perspective of game experience, the fifa game almost retains the core system of the previous work, and only makes painless improvements to some small details, which is bound to cause dissatisfaction of some players. However, as the only child of the simulated business football game in the market, fifa mobile 2020 still exudes a unique charm, which is unforgettable to a small number of players who like football and simulated business games at the same time. It is the continuous support of these fans that makes “fifa” launch new works every year with a relatively thin figure. So would you play fifa mobile new season game?